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URIMUL Co.,Ltd. is a company established in September 2011 to specialize in deverlopment and export the only nano-energy water in the world in order to make contribution towards the enhancement of health of people and to expand our business into the global stage with the foremost priority on the respect for the nature, life and human kind.

While the 20th century was an era of fire, the 21st century may be referred to as the era of water. The lack of and conflict over water will worsen with rapid increase in the demands for water throughout the world in the years to come.

Q water is the only nano-energy water in the world produced by merging of the distillation engineering technology, EPU SYSTEM, Which is the product of 30 years of know-how of the developer, and the most advanced nano-tecnology that is capable of dissolving several million times more pure oxygen molecules in natural method than the ordinary water. The staffs and executives of URIMUL Co.,Ltd. shall put our utmost efforts and passion in order for the company to establish itself as the foremost environment-friendly company through in-depth recognition of the harmony between the company and natural environment as well as the need to develop new products in order to manufacturing functional water with segmentation of each of the functions, and by setting in lucid and refreshing corporate environment and cultures.
Moreover, we shall endeavor to fulfill our role and responsibilities as a high class beverage company loved and trusted throughout the world.



1980. 05   Found 34th water 
2011. 09   Established URIMUL Co., Ltd (Wonju-si, Kangwon-do) 
2012. 04   Relocated the head office and plant (Jangseong-gun, Jeonnam) 
2012. 12   Registration of facilities, plant, product with the U.S. FDA 
2012. 12   Achieved ISO 9001, ISO 14001 certification 
2014. 06   Certified as CLEAN workplace 
2014. 09   Established RO SYSTEM (Filter) and facilities for oxygenated water 
2015. 02   Signed an export contract with AMRI Capiklean (Japan) 
2015. 07   Registration with the U.S.FDA (Q water) 
2015. 09   Exported to ELIM USA,INC, Passed through inspection 
2015. 09   Officially sponsored Q water  to the 35th Golden Cinematography Awards 
2015. 10   Signed a contract with ElimKorea Co., Ltd. for domestic OEM and export (USA)
2015. 11   Officially sponsored Q water  to the 52th Dae jong Firm Awards 

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Membership: On ECPlaza since 2016
Business Type: Manufacturer
Location: Jeollanam-Do, Korea
Product Category: Drinking Water
Main Item / Product: Q water (500ml)
Keywords: Q water MIST, Q water, Q water Premium
Main Target Region: World Wide
Year Established: 2016

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Andy Cho

30, Danpung-ro, Jangseong-eup



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